About Building Design

Building Design is about applying architectural, engineering and technology developments to the design of buildings. This discipline is largely concerned with the residential design, both single and multi-family, agricultural buildings, and decorative facades for larger buildings, and commercial structures.

The practitioners of building design are mostly architects and structural engineers. As part of planning, designing, and construction of buildings, they create initial and schematic designs of interior and exterior layouts, complete working drawings and specifications that will comply with all applicable building codes and regulations, select materials to be used, identify contractors and oversee construction by conducting on-site inspections.

Working closely with clients, the building designers resolve the formers' requirements into a set of instructions for the construction a building.


Building designers are hired by construction companies. Many run design services agencies, thus practice as self-employed building designers.

The Role of CAD

Building Design CAD tools make home design, remodeling, interior design, and kitchen & bath design easy. Using CAD is a simple way to design, estimate and manage building projects. When combined with Building Information Modeling (BIM) features, CAD tools help designers visualize, simulate, and analyze their designs. Importantly, with CAD, it becomes easy to identify design flaws and pinpoint serious build problems.

Building Design CAD Courses

→ Master Diploma in Building Design
→ Professional in Building Design
→ Diploma in Building Design

Entry- level Salary

Upto Rs 5 lakhs per annum in India