Course Overview

The course will provide knowledge about the art of using digital technology to perceive the design in a three-dimensional shape. Drawings on paper need to be brought to the digital format because not an average person can visualize the outcome of the design. However, with the help of improved technology, the designed building can be built in the digital plane to help perceive the final outlook of the plan.

Earlier Interior designers used to make miniature models to convey the ideas where the scale varies and identify the restrictions on how much can be physically done on a model board. Today, the architects and interior designers not only need to be proficient in freehand sketching and drafting, but they also need to master methods of incorporating hand drawings into digital three-dimensional rendering and other digital techniques.

Course Curriculum

The course covers basic methods of modeling and designing spaces with objective to give a realistic output of the interior design through rendering and animation. Students are given group and individual assignments to make them understand and clarify basic queries which in turn helps in execution of a full project by the end of the course.

Course Objective

The course develops a basic understanding of digital visualization and how it can be used efficiently to digitally model or design an interior space with the help of modeling tools to create high-quality perspective views of an area. Designing spaces to the requirement and modeling it to different designs helps for convincing potential investors of the possibilities in the project.

Job Opportunities

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